VINcoPress technology

Optimized direct pressed baseplate-less package that provides superior thermal performance with homogeneous thermal impedance on DCB surface.


Key Info

  • The top part of the housing, the inner frame and the substrate are forming a pressure chamber;
  • During screw down, the top part of the housing transfers the screw force to the silicone gel, which is incompressible;
  • The silicone gel is pressing the substrate and all mounted components on its entire area to the heatsink
  • The resulting even pressure distribution avoids stress gradients in the substrate and eliminates the cracking
  • No direct mechanical contact between top part of the housing and the DCB
    • no step height & no convexity
    • stress free ceramic substrate mounting

Key Benefits

  • Homogeneous pressure and Rth value distribution
  • Rugged and reliable heat sink assembly
  • Higher power capability
  • Increased power density

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