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Here you can find even more information about solar applications and Vincotech solutions. Short videos inform you about the solar market and trends, and advantages of our power modules. In articles we dive deep into technical details!

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Vincotech Boosters for 1500V PV Inverter Systems

Learn more about boosters in 1500 V photovoltaic systems. What are the advantages and differences in solutions, and why you should choose Flying-Capacitor boosters?

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Vincotech Flying Capacitor Inverter Modules

Learn more about 3L and 4L Flying-Capacitor inverters in 1500 V photovoltaic systems and what are their advantages in terms of efficiency, weight and cost.

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Squeeze More Juice From The Sun

Learn more about Vincotech solar solutions: Maximized Power Density with SiC Modules for 1500 V PV Inverters.

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Catch More Rays

Learn more about Vincotech's three-level modules scaled from residential to utility solar pv inverters.

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Webinar Handout: Design Challenges and Solutions for 1,500 V PV Inverter Systems

Webinar / 22nd Sep. 2021

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Flying Capacitor Topology for Ultra Efficient Inverter Applications – Principle of Operation

High efficiency and reduced effort for filtering are the main arguments for three-level (3L) topologies. Which ones are used in solar applications and why Flying-capacitor solar inverters should be in your radar?

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The Advantages and Operation of Flying-Capacitor Boosters

The flying-capacitor booster is a high-efficient, low cost solution for solar inverter applications. How to achieve the best possible solution for your designs and why you should consider Flying-Capacitors?

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Power Source / Sink Inverters for high efficient EV Battery Charging and Solar Energy Generation on Three-Phase Utility

Power conversion efficiency is a key factor in power designs. Find here detailed analysis of power losses and how the strategy of Power Sink / Source Inverter (PSI) control shows improvement compared to other solutions.

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Boost your 1500 V string inverter

This article investigates performance and cost of different boost topologies for 1500 V multistring solar inverters. How can three-level flying-capacitor boosters outperform in cost and performance?

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When Performance Matters – Integrated Capacitors Reduce Commutation Loop Inductance

Finding the right balance of price and performance to satisfy today’s demand for power-switching applications are cutting it close with inverters. How can Vincotech help with integrated capacitors?

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New Generation of Fast 650 V IGBT

Power semiconductors are getting thinner, smaller and faster. How to decrease losses and increase power density? The flow family of modules can handle IGBT's performance.

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The Challenges of Using SiC MOSFET-based Power Modules for Solar Inverters

A SiC MOSFET has to operate reliably throughout its service life. What are the main concerns to be taken into account?

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Making the most of three-level NPC topology

Why is it so important to understand, how the target parameters affect the selection of chips and modules in solar, UPS and energy storage applications?

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VINcoNPC X12 with IGBT M7

Why is the price gap between multi-string and central inverters closing, and the competition between these solutions is heating up for utility-scale applications? Take a look at Vincotech’s solutions.

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Three Level Topologies for Single-Phase Solar Application

Several multi-level topologies for single-phase solar applications are already on the market. Read more about a new alternative, H6.5, its operating principles and efficiency and cost.

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Energy Storage Systems - Enabling Faster Response to Changing Energy Demands with Power Modules

Battery powered devices' ability to store excess energy for use will have to be scaled up to the magnitude of power plants and huge grids. Read more about the energy storage systems (ESS) market and which solutions Vincotech has for you.

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