Consumer/residential applications predominantly feature single-phase inverters up to 7-10 kVA. Engineers who design for this power range must make a choice between power modules or discrete components. Component costs are a key concern in both cases, but if we factor manufacturing costs, production yield, power density, thermal resistance and reliability into the equation, power modules offer some very attractive benefits.

The topology and components must be carefully selected to strike the right balance between cost and performance. Vincotech's flowSOL modules combine the booster and inverter stages into a single housing. Together with a wide range of component suppliers, these modules to provide standard solutions for easy to design compact systems.

Figure 1. Single-phase inverter Cost-Performance comparison

Commutation loops and efficiency comparison

More complex topologies are needed to achieve greater efficiency without substantially increasing costs. flowPACK 1 H6.5 is designed with size, cost and efficiency in mind, making it the solution of choice for single-phase solar inverters. Figure 2 shows how this topology works:

Figure 2. H6.5 and H-bridge commutation loop comparison

Figure 3 compares VIN H6.5's efficiency to a simple H-bridge single-phase solar inverter, clearly showing a 20% loss reduction under typical operating conditions (IOUT: 22.5A, pF: 1).

Figure 3. H6.5 and H-bridge efficiency and loss reduction comparison

Vincotech Single-Phase Solar Products

Figure 4 shows a summary of the single-phase solar products available from Vincotech, classified by module housing and suggested system power range. More details can be found in the specific module product pages.

Housing Inverter Boost + Inverter
flow 0
3-5 kW
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flow 1
5-10 kW
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Figure 4. Vincotech single-phase solar product overview.