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Three-phase product portfolio

Higher power ranges in embedded drives are accelerating the adoption of three-phase PFC topologies, driven by the requirements for high power density and more efficient and effective power distribution and power conversion.

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  • PIM+3xPFC (CIP)
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Vincotech’s 1200 V flowPIM® S3 + 3xPFC

Enabling power ranges up to 15 kW, Vincotech’s new 1200 V flowPIM® S3 + 3xPFC featuring current-synthesizing PFC (CS-PFC) addresses these challenges, optimally balancing performance and system cost.


The current synthesizing PFC requires more switching components than the state-of-the-art NPFC topology, but only the half-bridge switches at a high switching frequency (HF) and only at the 3rd harmonic current.

It’s a tradeoff that pays off. Current-synthesizing PFC slashes module costs by 25% (up to 40% without a booster stage) while achieving a conversion efficiency up to over 99%.


Vincotech’s 1200 V flowPIM® 1 + 3xPFC family

Meanwhile, Vincotech’s new 1200 V flowPIM® 1 + 3xPFC targets high-end applications in embedded drives. It is an all-in-one solution that uses 3-phase PFC, the AN-PFC topology, and an inverter stage to achieve a superior level of efficiency while reducing the system costs.



The AN-PFC topology with SiC diodes assures high efficiencies over a wide range of switching frequencies.



This lets drive designers dramatically reduce the size and cost of the passive components on the PCB, leading to huge cost savings at the system level.



Finally, the inverter stage’s high-speed IGBTs and diodes enable high switching frequency operation and enhance efficiency.



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Vincotech's product portfolio for PIM+3xPFC (CIP)


Intelligent power modules (IPM) are also available for three-phase embedded drive systems.


Vincotech 1200 V IPMs combine three phase input rectifier, brake chopper, and a three-phase motor inverter (CIB – Converter, Inverter, Brake). They also integrate current sensing feature and gate drives including the entire bootstrap power supply circuits, undervoltage lockout, and overcurrent protection. All of them are also equipped with a thermal sensor to support the thermal design by the drive’s manufacturer.



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Vincotech's product portfolio for IPM (CIB)