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Single-phase products

One of the main goals in the design of embedded drive systems is to increase their power density, simply defined as the ratio between the power output and the volume of the system.

There are many ways to achieve this:

  • Moving towards more compact designs
  • Increasing the efficiency of the energy conversion
  • Integrating more cost-effective solutions

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Vincotech’s power-integrated module (PIM) with an interleaved power factor correction (PFC) circuit is a unique and innovative topology for power modules featuring a high level of integration as well as improved energy conversion efficiency.

The interleaved configuration offers several benefits:

  • Simplified PCB design
  • Higher energy conversion efficiency
  • Better heating distribution
  • Smaller components on the PCB
  • Easier EMI filtering design
  • Reduced output RMS current


Vincotech’s 600 V flowPIM + PFC family

Designed for power ranges up to 8 kW, Vincotech’s 600 V flowPIM + PFC family comprises three different sub-families featuring a two-leg interleaved PFC circuit, both with and without an integrated input rectifier, and a three-leg interleaved PFC without an input rectifier.

Two-leg interleaved PFC circuit, with integrated input rectifier
Two-leg interleaved PFC circuit, without integrated input rectifier
Three-leg interleaved PFC, without input rectifier.


All variants are equipped with a three-phase motor inverter and a temperature sensor.

Products with two-leg interleaved PFC also feature shunt resistors in the motor inverter and in the PFC circuit. The PFC’s common and leg shunts make it possible to perfectly balance the current in the PFC circuit, increasing the chipset’s lifetime. Shunt resistors integrated in each leg of the inverter vastly improve motor control.


Furthermore, on-board capacitors dramatically reduce the DC-link voltage overshoot.


The standard product portfolio also comprises 600 V PIM with standard PFC circuits assembled in different housings in order to fulfill the PCB designers’ needs in terms of power and space occupancy.


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Video on flowIPM 1B
Vincotech's product portfolio for PIM+PFC (CIP)


On the other hand, Highly integrated intelligent power modules (IPM) also represent a very cost-effective solution for this type of mechanical environment, as they dramatically reduce the number of external components and help minimize the system assembly time.

An IPM is a full comprehensive power module encompassing all the standard stages of a power conversion process with the additional benefit of the integrated driver circuit. In many cases, the module can be driven by nothing more than PWM signals sent directly from the microcontroller. Other passive components are built into Vincotech IPMs alongside the integrated driver. These are the complete bootstrap circuit, a small DC capacitor to close the high frequency loop inside the power module, and shunt resistors to measure the current.

Using integrated intelligent power modules simplifies and streamlines the motor drive assembly with fewer external components and smart isolation techniques. In addition, diode rectifiers, brake chopper or power factor correction circuits and sixpack output stages can also be integrated.

Using Vincotech’s intelligent power module as a reference, the normalized costs clearly show that the high level of integration of Vincotech’s intelligent power module results in a significant system level cost saving and represents the best solution for space-constrained and cost-driven mechanical environments.

The assembly costs can be dramatically reduced by integrating all the motor drive's functional blocks. Due to size constraints and application flexibility, the input filter, DC capacitor and microcontroller are typically not integrated.


Thick-film technology

Vincotech’s IPM are designed by making use of the Thick-film technology.

Thick-film technology enables higher levels of integration, allowing the integration of gate drives, PFC controllers and passive components.

Different layers of conduction and isolating materials are printed on a ceramic sheet. The layers can build tracks, pads, and resistors which can be laser-trimmed to achieve high levels of precision.


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Vincotech's product portfolio for IPM (CIP/PIM+PFC)