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Here you can find even more information about Embedded Drives and Vincotech solutions.


flowIPM 1B

The next level of integration

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Press-in process with flow 1B housing

Visual handling instruction for Press-in process with flow 1B housing.

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Cool Solutions For Hot Applications

Unmatched Integration and Performance in Motion Control.

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Cool Solutions For Hot Applications | Heat Pumps

Trends in the heat pump market and how Vincotech has developed its solutions.

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3-Phase PFC topology using constant power control

How to get higher power density and cost savings in passives.

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Motion Control Technology in the Industrial Sector

Vincotech offers a wide range of power modules featuring high level of integration and innovation aimed to fully support the Motion Control strategies for industrial applications, including general purpose VFDs as well as application-specific designs.

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IPM cost benchmarks

Vincotech’s intelligent power modules show the highest level of integration among power modules currently available on the market, enabling significant system-level cost reductions and offering the best solution for space-constrained and cost-driven mechanical environments.

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Unlocking the Door to More Compact Designs with Vincotech’s New Highly Integrated 1200 V flowIPM

A new family of intelligent power devices has been developed to fulfill industry requirements for highly reliable, low-cost motor controls that deliver higher performance in a smaller footprint.

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Motor drive applications

Electric motors are all around us in appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators, and in transportation modes such as cars and in planes. We would not have many of the common modern conveniences we enjoy every day without electrical motors.

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Embedded Designs Drive Tomorrow’s Solutions

Embedded drive solutions for motion control simplify integration, enhance performance and speed up time-to-market. Vincotech’s power modules lineup represents the best fit for highly reliable, low-cost motor controls that deliver higher performance in a smaller footprint.

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Asymmetrical inductance supporting long cable at low power motor drive applications

IGBT´s in low power inverter applications with long shielded cable are often overloaded with high capacitive turn-on current. A simple workaround will reduce losses, EMC and increase the reliability of the application.

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Increasing the Efficiency of an IPM-based Drive Design

The ubiquitous Intelligent Power Module, aka IPM, has been a mainstay in motor speed control designs. And with good reason: Such designs are relatively easy and cheap to implement. With onboard gate drivers, protection, and a six pack IGBT array integrated, it takes very little engineering effort to quickly come up with an effective design.

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PFC fundamentals

Associated with power electronics connected to the public power grid obtrudes more and more the required power factor correction.

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