DC/DC Product Portfolio

When looking into the isolated DC/DC conversion stage, the most frequently used topology is the full-bridge resonant converter LLC. Another very typical topology is the full-bridge phase shifted Dual Active Bridge DAB. Both topologies are zero-voltage-switching (ZVS) techniques that serve to

  • reduce switching losses
  • increase efficiency and energy density
  • mitigate EMI issues
  • Provide galvanic isolation


Full-bridge LLC converter with a full-bridge rectifier
Two-level (left side) and three-level full-bridge topologies

Multiple variants can be used for primary and secondary side with additional advantages and compromises. It can easily be connected in parallel or series both on the primary side and on the secondary side to best suit the current and voltage needs of the fast EV Charger. The configuration strategy is also defining the component break down voltage either 1200V or 650V. For high efficiency requirements SiC-MOSFET on the primary side and SiC Schottky diodes on the secondary side are the preferred choice compared to silicone based components.

The resonant LLC converter topology was benchmarked using various component technologies at different resonant frequencies to rate efficiency and costs.

Figure 3. LLC converter benchmark under 25 kW full-load conditions. The cost benchmark takes the power module’s price into account.

  • The full bridge in series configuration (3-level) with the 650 V fast IGBT performs well in terms of both cost and efficiency.
  • If the application requires very high efficiency, the full-bridge (2-level) with 1200 V SiC-MOSFET would be the configuration of choice. The price decrease of this chip technology over the last years favours this option also from cost point of view.

Vincotech fastPACK Products

Vincotech fastPACK product line is offering a comprehensive product portfolio with H-bridge and ultrafast rectifier bridge topologies featuring:

  • Latest Si and SiC chip technologies for high switching and high efficiency
  • Integrated DC capacitor
  • Open emitter configuration
  • Kelvin emitter for improved switching performance
  • Temperature sensor
Housing Topology Voltage Application Power* Product
flow 0 H-Bridge 650 V - 900 V - 1200 V 11 kW - 22 kW Show products
flow 1 H-Bridge 650 V - 1200 V 22 kW - 30 kW Show products
H-Bridge 1200 V 50 kW In Concept
flow E1 H-Bridge 650 V - 1200 V 15 kW - 25 kW Show products
flow E2 H-Bridge 650 V - 1200 V Up to 30 kW Show products
flow 0 Ultrafast Bridge Rectifier 650 V - 1200 V 15 kW - 30 kW Show products
flow 1 Ultrafast Bridge Rectifier 650 V - 1200 V 35 kW - 50 kW Show products
flow E1 Ultrafast Bridge Rectifier 1200 V - 1700 V 13 kW - 25 kW Show products

* Estimation based on a typical charger operation point