AC/DC Product Portfolio

The front end three-phase PFC might be implemented in multiple topologies. Mainly it can be distinguished between two-level and three-level which will influence the design and the blocking voltage rating of the semiconductors. Three-level topologies are an appealing solution for engineers seeking high efficiency at low costs. An overview about existing common three-level PFC topologies can be seen in the below graph.

Figure 1. Common three-level PFC topologies

These topologies are aimed for uni-directional charging. For bi-directional charging the three-level SPFC and NPFC are suitable by replacing the boost diodes with switches.

Costs and efficiency have been benchmarked to illuminate the topologies' strengths and weaknesses. Another focus has been put on the comparison between Si and SiC diode

  • NPFC is outperforming in terms of efficiency, but has also the highest cost because of the 1200 V components.
  • SPFC and ANPFC topologies' efficiencies are nearly the same, given the same component technologies. However, ANPFC requires just one gate-driver which reduces the overall system’s cost, showing the best trade-off between performance and costs.

Vincotech Products for Three-level PFC Topologies

With the flowSPFC, flowNPFC and flowANPFC, Vincotech offers a comprehensive product portfolio for three-level PFC topologies, featuring:

  • Fast IGBT chip technology for high speed switching and high efficiency
  • With fast recovery diodes or SiC Schottky body diodes
  • Integrated DC capacitor
  • Temperature sensor
Housing ANPFC / 3xANPFC NPFC / 3xNPFC SPFC Application Power*
flow 0 Show products Show products Show products Up to 22 kW
flowNPFC 0 SiC
in development
Up to 25 kW
flow 1 Show products Show products - Up to 43 kW
flowNPFC 1 SiC
in development
Up to 50 kW
flow E2 flowNPFC 1 SiC
in concept
Up to 50 kW
flow 2 Show products - - Up to 25 kW

* Estimation based on a typical charger operation point

Vincotech Products for Two-level PFC Topologies

With the flowPACK SiC and flowDUAL SiC, Vincotech offers a broad product portfolio for two-level PFC topologies, featuring:

  • SiC-MOSFET technology for high speed switching and high efficiency
  • Kelvin Emitter for improved switching performance
  • High power low inductive package
  • Temperature sensor
Topology flow 1 flow E1 flow E2 Voltage
Sixpack Show products Show products - 900 V - 1200 V
Half-bridge - Show products Show products 1200 V